Catching Up with Amber

This is Amber's second time joining us on Care 911.  In a previous episode "Amber's Story" we learned of her traumatic experience learning that her ne...View Details

In times like these worry can become infectious.  Dr. Norm Wright joins Mike to share his insights and thoughts on how to combat worry in such times. ...View Details

A Gross Perspective

Charlie Gross is a Sgt. with the Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  How are our Prison systems dealing with COVID-19?  What steps are they taki...View Details

What does it take?

Law Enforcement Chaplain, Clif Cummings joins us on this episode to guide us through what it takes to work with Law Enforcement daily as well as the v...View Details

What are the first steps to developing a high performing Peer Support program?  We will discuss this and other topics in this episode.  Our guests tod...View Details

A Fire Family’s Story

How do Firefighters and their families make things manageable at home while coping with the stress that comes with the career?  We will discuss this a...View Details

We are grateful for organizations that are committed to serving the first responder community and Clear Creek Community Church is one of those.  They ...View Details

Cap’n Kirk in Texas

Kirk Tinker, former ATF Federal agent task force and undercover is now co-captain of a CISM team in Galveston County, TX.  Mike sat down with Kirk to ...View Details

Keith and Wilma

The stress that can infiltrate the home of a Police Chief can be overwhelming.  How does that family cope with this level of stress?  The answer to th...View Details

On May 18th, 2018 a shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Texas.  Of those that were fatally wounded, one was Amber's nephew Christian Riley Ga...View Details

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