The CRC Team has chosen their picks for favorite episodes!  Here's number two!

The CRC Team has chosen their picks for favorite episodes!  Here's number one!

Join the entire CRC team for a group discussion on new developments, courses, curriculum and online classes.  What's been happening since the pandemic...View Details

Today's episode features former Sheriff's Deputy Rhonda Price.  She talks about the difficulty when peer support is not exercised in a department.  .....View Details

James Bundo has a long list of experience with the fire service both military and civilian.  Find out how he aids his fire fighters in managing their ...View Details

On this episode I am joined by Erin Pickering.  The daughter of a military firefighter.  She has a lot to offer for those who are first responders and...View Details

In this episode we are joined by a long time friend of the program Capt. Chris Harder.  While a Fire Captain in the Bay Area in Northern California, C...View Details

Suicide During Pandemic

How has the pandemic and quarantine impacted the statistics on suicide?  What can be done to help those who find themselves contemplating suicide duri...View Details

In this episode Ron, Eli, and Diana discuss the benefits of finding your flow and how it can help in coping with many forms of depression, anxiety and...View Details

In this episode...Erik and Kristen Wallitner share their amazing and transformative story!  Find out how this Sheriff's deputy and his wife overcame m...View Details

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